Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs are our bread and butter.  Rather than strictly using paint and/or decals on a flat medium, we create signage with..... well, dimension.  While traditionally our signs are made from various wood species, synthetics (plastics, foam) and soft metals (aluminum, brass) are also in our bag of tricks.

Created as a promotional piece, this sign was created using a combination of techniques.  Starting with a 'blank' of laminated maple, the 'wavy' background was carved using a 3D relief.  The DDC logo was V-carved into the background, and the company name was created using the Pocketing technique.

The most basic form of dimensional sign uses a technique called V-carving.  In combination with our CNC Router Table, V-carving uses a V shaped router bit to create pockets in the sign medium in the shape of letters and images.  These pockets are usually painted to provide contrast to the base material.  Relatively simple and inexpensive to create, these signs can be both beautiful and functional.

This sign was cut out of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).  It was painted a gloss white, and the lettering and images were V-carved and then hand painted.

This sign was created using Red Oak stained with a Golden Mahogany finish.  The images and lettering were V-carved and then stained a dark brown.

Another form of sign we create uses a technique called Pocketing.   Pocketing is the process of removing waste material to create images and lettering that stand proud of the sign surface.  Often used in conjunction with V-carving, this type of sign provides more dimensional 'pop'.

This sign was created out of a laminated slab of maple.  It uses a combination of Pocketing and V-carving to create the desired effect.  The lettering was intentionally left unpainted to help showcase the natural beauty of the wood.

This is a close-up of the Pocketing and V-carving techniques that were used on the sign to the left of this picture.

This sign uses the Pocketing technique in combination with a V shaped router bit to create 'prism' style lettering.  This sign was cut into a Western Red Cedar board and the lettering was hand painted before it was mounted to the gate.

This wedding gift style sign is often referred to as a 'stacked text' sign.  Starting with a slab of laminated birch, the lettering was cut out using the pocketing technique.  The date lettering was cut using the V-carve technique.  After the sign was completed, it was finished using a combination of colored stains applied by hand.

Dimensional signs are not just limited to the above techniques.   Sign faces and backgrounds can be textured, patterns can be created using Inlays, features such as 3D Relief can be incorporated, provisions can be made for LED lighting, plaques with personalized Engraving can be attached, the options and combinations are only limited by imagination.

This sign was created using a laminated slab of pre-finished maple flooring.  It uses a combination of V-carve, Inlay, 3D Relief and Engraving techniques.

These are destined to be table numbers for a wedding.  They were cut from MDF and finished with gold paint.

These were cut out of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) as concept samples for wedding table numbers.

This wall decoration was created as a wedding present.  It was cut out of MDF and primed, to be painted/finished by the recipient to match their decor.